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Divorce can undeniably be one of the most intricate times of one’s life. Divorce causes enough damage to your personal life as well as your profession. During such times, swift actions are to be implemented. Most couples in Stafford VA who initiate divorce are unprepared and this lack of awareness and compliance causes their divorce process to worsen into aggressive contests.

Your lawyer cautions you that once a couple is prepared and ready with a divorce, they can get rid of most of the emotional and financial struggles that caused the divorce to turn into such resentment-filled situations in Stafford VA. Your key responsibility after deciding that divorce is the clear-cut pathway for your family is to consult The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C Our lawyers with wide knowledge in Stafford VA family law will assist you throughout the entire process of your case.

In many marriages, one spouse is financially dependent on another for varied reasons such as earning ability or a choice the couple made to have one partner stay home to take care of the home and children. When these marriages end, Stafford VA law empowers courts to award alimony to the dependent spouse, but the process of making these decisions can be complicated and contentious.

Monetary Support Is Essential To Ensure That Both Spouses Enjoy A Suitable Standard Of Life

Alimony is an amount of financial support paid by one spouse to the more financially reliant spouse and is ordered, so that the unique needs of the receiving spouse which he/she had got adapted to during the marriage, are fulfilled. Your lawyer states that it is not intended to compensate funds to one of the parties nor is it intended to penalize a spouse in Stafford VA. Alimony in Stafford VA is so different from property division, or equitable distribution. The terms spousal support and alimony also maintenance are generally used interchangeably in Stafford VA. Take the help of a skilled lawyer in Stafford VA to request alimony.

Our lawyer delivers effective guidance to divorcing spouses so they can understand the relevant factors in alimony determinations and make sound decisions. No matter how complex your situation might be, your skilled lawyer can present a clear, comprehensive argument for you. An experienced and highly qualified lawyer will eminently fight the case in Stafford VA to suit your needs.

In Stafford VA, there is no official or fixed limit for alimony, nor is there a constraint that one spouse will pay the other. Instead, the Stafford VA court evaluates many factors when deciding who will pay and how much alimony will be rewarded. The two main factors that decide whether you might qualify to receive alimony, from your partner, are your respective incomes. You should first make it obvious that (1) you have a necessity, and that (2) the other partner can pay it. You must not risk your financial status in the course of the divorce process in Stafford VA. Protect your rights and alimony prospects by contacting your experienced lawyer.

It is reasonably simple to show that you need to maintain a substandard life in Stafford VA, says your lawyer. Your Stafford VA lawyer can help you prepare the documents that cover a precise picture of your economic situation in Stafford VA. If you can show that your monthly return is less than your expenses and there is a shortfall to handle your everyday expenditures, your lawyer will win a beneficial order in the case.

Alimony is considered as a reasonable effort for the dependent partner to become self-supporting exclaims your lawyer. This may either mean the dependent partner must begin educating themselves or may start working to become self-supporting after a distressing divorce. Only an expert lawyer in Stafford VA will inform you of the right approach to your case. Several types of alimony may apply to your condition depending on the circumstances. This comprises temporary support, rehabilitative support, or long-term support in Stafford VA.

Rules And Regulations About Financial Support You Need To Be Aware Of

If the court orders that you pay alimony for an indefinite period in Stafford VA, there is no formal cut-off date for when you can stop the payments inform your lawyer. To stop the payments, you need to file a petition with the court to terminate the payments warns your lawyer.

You need to show that the situations have changed so drastically that alimony is no longer needed, notifies your lawyer. Most commonly, death and remarriage would automatically terminate the payments in Stafford VA. Your lawyer alerts that in that case, all you need to do is show the Stafford VA divorce court proof that such an event occurred.

Generally, a judge will only grant alimony modification if there was a substantial change in circumstances informs your lawyer. For example, if you involuntarily lost your job or your income was significantly reduced, a judge may reduce your alimony order in Stafford VA. In some cases, the alimony modification may be temporary until your financial situation improves.

If your partner stops making their court-ordered alimony payments, the Stafford VA court can order a wage garnishment, where you get a fixed percentage of their income says our lawyer. The court can also intercept his or her tax refund and bank account to ensure alimony is given. The Stafford VA court also has the power to hold the partner in contempt of the court for not paying the alimony, say lawyers. However, such measures are not always needed, especially with the assistance of an accomplished lawyer.

Working with a knowledgeable lawyer can help you to finalize the amount of alimony you deserve. You can also defend yourself from being ordered to pay alimony if you consider it unjust. Your lawyer at The Law Offices of SRIS P.C. conducts a systematic evaluation of your assets, as well as your spouse’s assets to establish whether an alimony award is suitable, and if so, how a good deal it should be and the period it should continue.

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