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Marriage is a complex relationship that becomes more composite if animosity and hostility exist between the spouses. The reasons for this could be varied and the couple can opt for divorce or separation by engaging our attorney at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. to amicably cancel the relationship. Other than separation and divorce, laws have stipulations for invalidation of the matrimony as well. In the case of divorce, the court recognizes the erstwhile validity of the matrimony and passes an order for the dissolution of the same, whereas, in the case of annulment, the marriage itself is declared null and void. That is to say, the court doesn’t recognize the matrimony itself and doesn’t deem it to be valid either. The Sine Qua Non that leads to the dissolution of matrimonial relationships is different from those of divorce. Only a legal counsel knows the laws best with regards to this. For anybody living in Stafford VA and desirous of getting their marriage canceled on any such grounds, it is important for them to get in touch with Annulment Lawyer Stafford VA.

Sine Qua Non for annuling

A marriage can be annulled if certain criteria are satisfied. Virginia has its own set of conditions for deeming matrimony canceled. It is the duty of the concerned Annulment Lawyer Stafford VA to highlight the applicable conditions to plead for the cancellation of the marriage of their clients.

Some of the prerequisites are enumerated herein:

  • If one of the spouses is physically or mentally incapacitated and the same was not conveyed to the other
  • If one of the spouses knew that he/she is impotent and the fact was not divulged to the partner before marriage
  • If one of the spouses was tricked into entering the matrimony
  • If either of the spouses was made to marry under duress
  • If one of the spouses had been a felon or prostitute and the same was not disclosed to the partner before marriage
  • If the male partner impregnates any woman other than wife within ten months of marriage
  • If the female partner becomes pregnant with another man without the knowledge of the husband
  • If either or both the spouses have been underage (below 18 years) when marrying
  • If both the spouses are close family

If the resident in Stafford desires to file for dissolution via their Annulment counsel in Stafford VA, it is important that either of the above-mentioned conditions gets fulfilled. It is important that the couple stays apart after the discovery of any of the conditions. In case the couple continues to stay together even after the discovery of the conditions, then that particular marriage cannot be dissolved and only a divorce can end the particular marriage.

The complexity requires an experienced lawyer

Divorce Lawyer

Dissolution, as mentioned above, is way different from a routine divorce and poses different kinds of challenges altogether. This goes without saying that only an Annulment Lawyer in Stafford VA would know the apt ways to circumnavigate such cases. That is not all; Annulment Lawyer Stafford VA is the only attorney who is competent with the conditions that can lead to the dissolution of marriage.

Even though a couple may be ready for cancellation, yet this is a complex process especially if children are involved and every Annulment Lawyer in Stafford VA comprehends the fact. It is the responsibility of the attorney in VA to ensure that the process of dissolution of marriage is as seamless as conceivable. If the couple in question has any children, then, in that case, the Annulment Lawyer Stafford VA has to work out child custody and spousal support details as well. In the absence of offspring, nuptial support is not mandatory in such cases. Partition of assets between the couple may not be much of a challenge for Annulment Lawyer Stafford VA, because properties are deemed to be of the original owners (before marriage), as it is. But if the couple has acquired any property after the marriage, then the Annulment Lawyer in Stafford VA needs to work out on that aspect too.

The role of a Lawyer Stafford VA do not end here. Every Annulment Lawyer Stafford VA has to guide their clients regarding other aspects too. The cases for such cancellation of marriage need to be filed by Annulment Lawyer Stafford VA, on behalf of their clients within a stipulated period and it is the duty of Annulment Lawyer Stafford VA to help the couples understand the same.

Evidence in annulment

Filing for and disputing any dissolution case is not easy for a Lawyer in Stafford VA as the judge requires every Annulment Lawyer in Stafford VA to provide requisite pieces of evidence on behalf of their clients. Begetting such pieces of evidence in a short span of time may pose to be a big challenge for every Annulment Lawyer in Stafford VA. Unless the Annulment Lawyer Stafford VA is able to prove in the courts the concrete grounds for dissolution, the court may not pass the order for the same. The onus to prove that such a voidable marriage shouldn’t have taken place is on the concerned Annulment attorney in Stafford VA. In case a couple wants to separate on the grounds of cancellation of marriage but are not able to fulfill the necessary conditions for the same, Annulment Lawyer Stafford VA can help such couples with divorce and legal separation solutions too. The role of every Annulment Lawyer Stafford VA is to help couples wriggle out of unhappy and deceitful marriages, with as little pain and stress as possible.

It is not easy to step into the shoes of an Annulment attorney in Stafford VA because for every such case, they have to present robust and correct shreds of evidence in the courts. Yet with our skills, commitment, and perseverance, the Annulment Lawyer Stafford VA at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C., has been carving out a great niche in the arena.

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