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The Custody Process is Extremely Complex!!

Dissolving a marriage can be extremely traumatic and conflicts about custody only make it harsher for the child, say Stafford VA lawyers. On deciding about child custody and visitation in Stafford VA, parents will have to discuss every single detail of the arrangement. The decision should not affect the kid’s future, asserts our Stafford VA lawyer. Our custody lawyer at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C. lists things you should never do if you want a practical upshot for your child custody and visitation case in Stafford VA. Contacting our attorney for guidance can help you take the rights steps in your case.

Do your best to keep the details of your marital dispute away from the child. Your Stafford VA lawyer will emphasize that persistent parental conflicts increase the child’s risk of psychological and social problems. Never make the mistake of including your child in the dispute. Such actions could affect your kids negatively and will impact your association with them, say Stafford VA lawyers. It will also cause the Stafford VA court to look unfavorably at you during court proceedings, and this can affect your case negatively. The opposing party will do everything possible to make you appear bad during the custody and visitation proceeding in Stafford. Remember to ask your Stafford VA custody lawyer for assistance before taking any decision.

The well-being of your kids should be your most important consideration so, try to keep an open and productive discussion with the other parent. If your custody and visitation case involves extremely sensitive facts, it is advisable to work with a skilled lawyer in VA who can provide the right opinions and offer expert guidance about when to conciliate and when to take a firm decision on your custody and visitation case. Also, speaking to the opposing party about any pressing issue in your visitation case through a professional lawyer can help in avoiding unnecessary quarrels.


A child custody and visitation case is like a mix-up of all legal administrative work, extended court dates, and visitation plans. Your Stafford VA lawyer will explain that missing out on a single perspective in any of these procedures can severely impact your child custody case. In such circumstances, the sensible thing you can do is leave such complicated tasks to the Stafford VA lawyers while you focus on improving your relationship with your child.

Child Custody Lawyer

It is very vital to stay with your child at this distressing time of transition. An accomplished custody lawyer can fight by your side in Stafford VA court and can follow every administrative work, court dates and other aspects connected to your custody and visitation case. Also, there is no denying the fact that a well-established Stafford VA lawyer can deliver the strongest argument possible on why you should only have the custody rights of your child.


While many feel they can tie child support payments to visitation privileges in Stafford VA, it is imperative to realize that both visitation and support are independent of one another. Therefore, even if you have not received the required amount of child support, you may not unilaterally decide to bar the father or mother from exercising his/her child visitation rights in Stafford VA. Your lawyer will inform you that there is no legal backing for depriving a father or mother entitled to the visitation of such a right because of a failure to pay support. Besides, such action on your part can potentially impair your child’s welfare warns your lawyer. Your lawyer will warn you that any regrettable actions will project you in a bad light before the Stafford VA visitation court, pushing you to a disadvantageous position.

In Stafford VA, the court will never have a favorable opinion on a party’s acts to restrict the father or mother from seeing their child unless it is so ordered by the court. Your lawyer will point out if the father or mother’s visitation causes a risk to your child and if you deduce any substantial act or unhealthy livelihood then you may have the basis to turn down the father or mother’s requests to see the child. These situations are to be cautiously taken care of and you should always confer with a proficient custody lawyer before you reject the visitation of the parent.

Your act of breaking any rules or refusal to abide by any guidelines by the Stafford VA court will definitely hinder your child custody and visitation case from progressing to the next step informs your lawyer. This does not imply that you must agree to a custody and visitation program that does not work for you. Before you work on any custody and visitation arrangements, you should seek advice from our Stafford VA custody lawyer who will listen to your concerns. The skilled Stafford VA lawyer you retain will help you make the right decisions for yourself and your child regarding the various crucial matters that are connected to your VA custody and visitation.


Divorce and separation will be difficult for the kids to take, support them in the process of accepting the change. During a child custody case, parents have to do a lot to ease the child’s transition. Understanding your child custody and visitation options in Stafford VA is the most important aspect to initiate the process effectively. It is often helpful for the parents to come up with a plan and present it to their kids together. You should also keep the lines of communication open. Lawyers assert that kids benefit from having honest conversations about the changes their family is experiencing.

Any custody visitation matter in Stafford is emotionally traumatic and requires the guidance of an experienced lawyer. Taking the assistance of the Stafford VA lawyer at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. can bring a positive outcome.

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