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Domestic violence is a major issue that is ruining a large section of households. A domestic violence lawyer Stafford VA observes the registration of a large number of divorce cases that are filed stating abuse or violence as reasons for the separation. However, household assault cases need not be necessarily associated with annulments at all times. These cases can also involve non-marital parties as plaintiffs and defendants. Therefore, a domestic violence lawyer Stafford VA is found to be engaged with work at all times of the year. A separate code of law regulates the processing of the lawsuits that are lodged condemning assault or battery against family members making it necessary to engage an attorney at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. to handle domestic violence cases. Our lawyer in Stafford VA is acquainted with the legality of household abuse as a misdemeanor of class 1. The Virginian courts declare strict penalties for a person, who is proven guilty of household assault.

A domestic violence lawyer Stafford VA commonly witnesses the pronouncement of the following penalties against a person, who is found to be at fault for attacking a household member:

  • Jail sentences for a maximum of 1 year;
  • Fines amounting to a maximum of $2500.

Laws in Virginia

An individual can be incriminated for domestic assault or battery under various circumstances. Household assault is often misinterpreted to be prevalent among married couples. But a considerable portion of household abuse cases is registered accusing an abusive family member, who is not connected by way of marriage. A domestic violence lawyer Stafford VA is aware of the individuals, who are lawfully recognized as familial acquaintances.

Listed herein are some of the lawfully acknowledged household members of a person:

  • Spouses, who are lawfully married;
  • Romantically involved partners, who live together without getting married;
  • Judicially separated spouses;
  • Parents and step-parents;
  • Kids and step-children;
  • Siblings and half-siblings;
  • Grandparents and step-grandparents;
  • Grandchildren;
  • In-laws related through marriage;
  • Partners, who bear children without getting married;
  • People, who shared the same roof for a minimum of 1 year.
Criminal Lawyer

A person, who is accused of household assault within VA, is expected to approach a domestic violence lawyer Stafford VA for legal assistance. A domestic violence lawyer Stafford VA provides effective legal representation for the accused. A case attains desired and speedy results only when it is placed in the hands of the best domestic violence lawyer Stafford VA.

Deferment of prosecution

In several circumstances, the court postpones the prosecution of a lawsuit without convicting the defendant for the time being. A domestic violence lawyer Stafford VA can proceed with the procedures involved in the postponement of a criminal prosecution only when the defending client is found to be a first-time offender.

In specific, the defendant should not be accused or convicted of the same offense in the past. A lawyer in Stafford VA can help with the deferment of court procedures only in the following circumstances:

  • The alleged suspect should voluntarily plead guilty;
  • The court should gather adequate evidence to prove the guilt of the defendant.

The deferment is approved only when the considered perpetrator provides voluntary consent for the same. A domestic violence lawyer in Stafford VA can help achieve a deferment that comes in with a certain set of statutory conditions including probation, community service, and rehabilitation. The lawsuit can be dismissed only when the transgressor successfully satisfies all requisites of the declared probationary orders. If the defendant violates one or more terms of the adjudged probationary order, the judge declares a conviction against the former.

A domestic violence lawyer in Stafford VA can render guidance in understanding the eligibility to request for the postponement of a prosecution.

Subsequent convictions

A first conviction results in traumatizing consequences. Therefore, subsequent household abuse convictions are dealt with very seriously. Severe penalties are adjudged for repeat offenders. A domestic violence lawyer Stafford VA is cognizant of the legal conceptualization of a third household assault conviction as a felony of class 6. The criminal, who is adjudged guilty of this felony, is expected to serve incarceration for a maximum of 20 years. A domestic violence lawyer Stafford VA aims to bring in a decreased set of punishments for all accused clients.

Protective orders

Protective orders are issued majorly in almost all household assault cases. A protective order renders lawful safety to the plaintiff. These orders are issued against the alleged defendants. A domestic violence lawyer Stafford VA can assist in acquiring relevant protective orders. A protective order is declined only when the defendant is found to be an under-aged minor. A person, who violates an enforced protective order, is subjected to crucial legal scrutiny. Violation of a court order can be avoided only when the terms and conditions of the order are thoroughly understood. A domestic violence lawyer Stafford VA at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C., can help in comprehending the terms and functioning of a protective order.

Significance of engaging a lawyer in Stafford VA

Trials are the biggest challenges of a criminal case. It is only during these trials that the guilt or innocence of a person is established. Therefore, it is essential to approach these trials under the guidance of an experienced domestic violence lawyer Stafford VA. In several cases, the hired domestic violence lawyer Stafford VA negotiates with the state prosecution for achieving favorable plea bargains for the alleged client. A guilty plea is approved only when the transgressor voluntarily accepts their guilt. If the offender signs a plea agreement and pleads guilty, the state prosecution grants approval for a reduced set of penalties or criminal convictions. A skilled domestic violence lawyer Stafford VA is sure to be adequately qualified to diligently process plea bargains. The company of a proficient domestic violence lawyer Stafford VA is mandatorily necessary while accepting guilty pleas.

A domestic violence lawyer Stafford VA renders requisite legal services in return for a considerable amount of money. But several attorneys also provide free legal consultations to reach out to the people in need. A competent domestic violence lawyer Stafford VA intends to protect the rights of the defendant. Moreover, the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C., and our domestic violence lawyer in Stafford VA work to fulfill the legal requirements of our clients to the fullest.

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