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Modern couples will elucidate that if the marriage has been a happy one, it is a good decision to remain married. Though modern couples respect couples who had spent long years in one marriage, they assert that there is no reason for a spouse to endure a relationship if it is miserable. If you are someone enduring the struggles of an unhappy marriage, talk to an efficient Stafford VA lawyer immediately to know about legal separation.


Marriage as an institution was believed to be too sacred in ancient times. If you are reading this, you will find yourself asking, “If marriage was so sacred, when did the concept of divorce evolve?” Divorce is a quick remedy sought these days for permanent legal separation from one’s spouse, say Stafford VA lawyers. If we were to research the origins of divorce, we will definitely find that the concept itself would have been a modern remedy for couples who want permanent legal separation. Divorce suggests freedom to make choices and has evolved only in modern times. These days, we witness an increase in the number of couples approaching Stafford VA lawyers for a legal divorce.


Most couples believe they have taken the right decision when they decide to get married. However, what they are unaware of is that life after marriage is completely different from life before marriage. The mood swings and bad temper of your spouse come shattering out in just a few days or months of being married. On coming to know of this new behavior of your spouse, you may want to terminate the relationship and would want a legal separation from your spouse. If you are someone who has suddenly realized that you made a wrong decision by marrying your spouse, you require the immediate assistance of a skilled lawyer in Stafford VA. Legal separation is a complex issue involving a wide range of factors that can be easily explained by a capable lawyer in Stafford VA. Contact our lawyers at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C. for immediate solutions.

One being contacted about legal separation, a Stafford VA lawyer will explain that legal separation is that point in a marriage when you and your spouse want to part ways but are not ready to take the big decision. Lawyers in Stafford VA point out that in most marriages there comes a phase when the couple believes that the relationship is simply not working, though they may not be able to assert exactly what the reason is. If your marriage has reached that stage where you have doubts about whether the relationship is working, then you need to seriously consider legal separation and should take the support of an established lawyer at Stafford VA. On hiring an experienced Stafford VA lawyer get all your doubts about legal separation clarified.

Your Stafford VA lawyer will explain that every case is unique. If there are cases where couples want to obtain legal separation merely based on incompatibility, there are cases where adultery is involved and the affected spouse does not want to know the details. The similarity in these cases is that the spouses want a quick marriage termination which is possible if you take the legal separation route, say Stafford VA lawyers. Also, there are cases where the parties are not sure if they are ready for divorce. In these situations too, your Stafford VA lawyer will recommend legal separation as a suitable option. By proceeding with legal separation, the parties will get an idea of how life will change after the Stafford VA separation. Also, the legal separation period gives parties an opportunity to reflect on their choices and to confirm if proceeding with a divorce is a suitable solution for them.

What are the challenges in establishing proof?

The law in VA requires the couple planning for legal separation should not live together after the decision and should clearly indicate their intention to live part ways. Lawyers in Stafford VA will provide you a list of dos and don’ts if you plan to commence legal separation immediately. The primary requirement is that couples should not cohabit with each other, say Stafford VA lawyers. Clients often meet our lawyers with doubts about what it means to stop cohabiting. Lawyers in Stafford VA explain that refraining from having a sexually intimate relationship with the spouse is an important requirement for legal separation. Stafford couples planning for legal separation should stop projecting themselves as a happy couple. Declaring to everyone that the couple is in the process of obtaining a divorce makes the transition easy.

Lawyers advise couples moving for legal separation that they should no longer be involved in activities they used to do as a couple, such as visiting friends together as a couple, attending parties together, visiting the supermarket to make purchases for the home, living in the same room, etc. If a couple stays apart for the period required under the law, then they are eligible to proceed with an uncontested divorce in Stafford VA, say experienced lawyers. The couple should prove in Court that they intended to part ways and have lived apart as per the requirements under VA law. If you are someone in Stafford VA who does not want to argue about the embarrassing details of your spouse’s adultery then you should proceed with legal separation that will ultimately end in divorce. The Stafford VA lawyers will go through every minute detail of your case to provide you with adept guidance.

If you are confused about the state of your marriage, you can proceed with legal separation under VA laws, say Stafford lawyers. You can contact our lawyers to know the right process of filing for legal separation. Our Stafford VA lawyers will provide you deep insights relevant to your case and will advise you on the right way forward. Consult our Stafford attorneys before taking the most important decision of your life.

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