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Military Divorce Lawyer Stafford in Virginia

A divorce is tiring and complicated with numerous legal hurdles en route. A military divorce is increasingly challenging with one partner being rarely available for attending court proceedings due to deployment in local or international regiments. A military divorce lawyer Stafford VA is the only source of guidance when it comes to non-civilian annulment. A general attorney may not be as efficient as a specialized military divorce lawyer in Stafford VA when it comes to dealing with non-civilian separations. Therefore, a serviceman/servicewoman or the spouse of a serviceman/servicewoman should approach the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. and consult our military divorce lawyer Stafford VA while seeking a legal matrimonial break up.

There are several differences between the processes involved in the filing of civilian and non-civilian marital dissolution. A lawyer dealing with military divorce in Stafford VA possesses adequate legal expertise to comprehend these differences. The considered non-civilian spouse may be an active or retired service member. Most processes of a non-civilian dissolution are just the same as the ones involved in a civilian annulment except for certain dissimilarities in the ways with which provisions like alimony, child support, and property allocation are determined.

Most importantly, a military divorce lawyer Stafford VA is expected to be engaged with work for a long period while dealing with a non-civilian marital termination. But a normal dissolution takes less period for its conclusion when compared to a non-civilian annulment. The observed delay is due to the stationing of the service member in different regions. The court summons reaches the recipient non-civilian spouse only after a considerable amount of time, unlike in a civilian dissolution that commonly observes immediate transfer of the summons papers. A lawyer dealing with military divorce in Stafford VA even helps in locating the non-civilian spouse to ensure speedy delivery of court documents.

The most common concern of almost all non-civilian annulments is the identification of the right jurisdiction at which the case should be registered. The non-civilian marital partner is prone to frequent transfers which make it difficult for the couple to determine the right place of jurisdiction. But a military divorce lawyer Stafford VA resolves this issue by lodging the lawsuit in the jurisdiction at which the residence of one of the separation-seeking spouses is situated. A military divorce lawyer Stafford VA arrives at a decision only after referring to the family law of Virginia.

Comprehending the divorce law

A military divorce lawyer Stafford VA proceeds with a non-civilian annulment only after comprehending the attributes of the family law. During a no-fault matrimonial termination, the couple will be required to live separately for a considerable amount of time. This mandatory period of separation differs according to the legislation considered. In Virginia, an attorney can include the deployment period of the non-civilian spouse in the required duration of separation, provided the court receives clear statements regarding the intentions of (at least) one of the partners to make the separation permanent.

The Virginia divorce law acknowledges special protective provisions for a non-civilian marital partner, who finds it difficult to attend court proceedings at the designated dates as a result of being engaged with active service. A military divorce lawyer Stafford VA quotes and uses these provisions to secure fair results for a non-civilian spouse.

A competent military divorce lawyer Stafford VA can provide effective assistance for resolving the following issues:

  • Division of assets
While handling property allocation, a divorce lawyer in Stafford VA stands entitled to ensure a fair division of marital assets between the separating marital partners. All assets and funds that were collectively gathered by the couple during the duration of marriage are considered for separation. A lawyer Stafford VA even considers post-retirement benefits while handling property allocations.
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If the military spouse desires to complete the mandatory 20-year service period before retirement, the civilian spouse becomes eligible to obtain a reasonable share of the retirement benefits that are to be received by the former in the future. If the non-civilian partner intends to work under transfer status, the civilian spouse becomes eligible to acquire reasonable portions of the salaries and post-retirement benefits of the former. A military divorce lawyer Stafford VA proposes fair settlements by considering all requisite factors.

The spouse of a serviceman/servicewoman stands eligible to access the non-civilian card of the latter. A military divorce lawyer Stafford VA is acquainted with the legal provisions that ensure fair compensations for the civilian partners even after the legalization of the decree. Therefore, it is worthwhile to have a military divorce lawyer Stafford VA alongside while handling issues concerning property allocations.

The credits acquired by a parting couple within the period of marriage are also subjected to divisions while opting for an annulment. A lawyer in Stafford VA ensures that the responsibility to settle acquired credits is not bestowed solely on a single spouse. Thus, the couple will be held jointly responsible for clearing debts and loans even after the approval of the dissolution.

  • Management of delays

A delayed response to any court order is lawfully regarded as a violation or contempt of court and the considered violator faces accusations for failing to render timely responses or appearances. But a military spouse, who is unavailable to attend a court proceeding on its scheduled date, is not considered guilty of violating a court order. In these circumstances, a military divorce lawyer Stafford VA quotes work requirements as reasons for the delay of the non-civilian spouse. A lawyer in Stafford VA even makes appearances on behalf of the non-civilian partner to compensate for the physical absence of the latter. If the court observes legitimacy in the reasons stated by a military divorce lawyer Stafford VA for the absence of the non-civilian spouse, the court proceedings are brought to a halt for a specific period. A military divorce lawyer Stafford VA would lawfully describe this temporary halt as a stay in court hearings. A skilled military divorce lawyer Stafford VA works around the availability of a client to ensure less physical stress for the latter.

A couple is likely to experience physical, legal, and emotional challenges simultaneously. The experiences encountered while putting an end to an existing matrimonial relationship are not joyful and pleasing. However, a qualified military divorce lawyer Stafford VA at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. can make procedures easy and simple for all clients.

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