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A myriad of factors prevails that go hand in hand slithering in the minds of the couple, catalyzing the process of getting divorced. These aspects implant the seedling of breaking the marital relationship, giving birth to chaos in a life that was once filled with love and laughter. Today life seems to be twisted with emotional turbulence, grief, and complications. The decision to part ways or dissolve a relationship cannot be traced back to one factor, say VA Stafford lawyers. Arriving at the judgment to part ways generally stems out of a wicked concoction of more than one reason that has aggravated over time. These factors had kept brewing in the depths of your mind increasing the need to set yourself free from your vicious fate. You ultimately take the marriage termination decision to knock down all the impediments that had once handicapped you.

Life after marriage may not be sweet for everyone! Lawyers in Stafford VA highlight based on their experience that some individuals may endure horrific experiences as a result of torrents of abuses being vented upon them during the marriage. When it reaches the snapping point, you will be triggered by the accumulated grief in your heart to explore a solution that can end this seemingly never-ending misery! Stafford VA lawyers accentuate that, it is better to reflect whether your marital relationship is worth redeeming. Never hesitate to seek professional help from a Stafford separation lawyer to dissolve your marital relationship in the family courts of Stafford VA. Though marriage is a decision you take on the belief that you have begun a relationship for life, it does not mean you should endure a miserable life. Take the right decision promptly for your mutual good as well as that of your spouse.

If you are constantly pondering on whether the decision to terminate your marriage in Stafford, VA is healthy and appropriate, you may never take the decision, say lawyers. Ultimately, you will remain the silent sufferer. Our Stafford VA lawyers empathize that the process of separation may seem overwhelming and may dumbfound you. You should remind yourself that your spouse has given you no choice by his/her consistently cruel or indifferent behavior. If you have made the decision, do not hesitate to proceed. Our Stafford VA separation lawyer is just a call away! You do not have to feel guilty for taking the marriage termination decision, there is no point in being fettered to a relationship that is giving you nothing but grief.


If you choose to file for separation in Stafford, any separation lawyer would say, the VA courts allow you to establish the grounds based on which you seek divorce. The Stafford separation lawyers elucidate the term separation, which in simple terms means to live apart for a minimum period of one year, coupled with the condition that at least one partner must have intention and consent to file for dissolving the marriage. Consider the scenario where you parted ways with each other and lived apart for more than one year but you and your spouse persistently looked for ways to save your relationship. In situations like this, the Stafford separation lawyers in VA explain, that the court will halt the divorce granting procedures and will wait until one of you establish your intention to file for divorce. To make this easier, our Stafford separation lawyers in VA suggest you come into a consensus and enter a separation agreement to indicate the date of separation in the Stafford VA court. The legally required separation period shall be six months if the VA couple is childless.

Our Stafford separation lawyers expound that separation is considered the better option that grants privileges similar to that granted to couples getting divorced. A skilled lawyer will quickly highlight that you will enjoy the benefits of a VA divorce but would not be legally divorced. Be alerted by our Stafford lawyers that separation as an option is not legally available in VA. Your lawyer will recommend that other practical options at your disposal in Stafford VA is either to go for an uncontested divorce or seek a divorce from bed and board. Regardless of the option selected, you need to demonstrate with the assistance of your lawyer that you lived apart for one year.


Our Stafford separation lawyer elaborates that the status of VA divorce from bed and board is analogous to the separation in other states. Even though it confers similar status to the partners breaking up, the grounds to seek the dissolution of marriage is diversified. The grounds may range from cruelty to willful desertion. Stafford VA lawyers accentuate that divorce from bed and board serves to be pragmatic when there is an assertion directing blame against you as the reason for terminating the marital relationship.

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How can attorneys assist you in demonstrating the date?

Properly establishing the separation date without any vagueness is pivotal, say the VA Stafford lawyers. This becomes especially important when it comes to sorting out and allocating properties and debts of the partners during marriage dissolution. Besides that, it influences when the spouses become qualified to file for an uncontested divorce. The VA separation lawyer further adds that, if one of the spouses insists on staying apart and maintains the same, clearly with no intent to make amends, this is deemed to be the date of separation in the VA Stafford courts.

How To Figure Out The Separation Date If You Are Still Living Jointly in VA?

Our Stafford lawyers have encountered scenarios where the breaking up partners tend to live jointly citing various reasons. This joint residing tends to pose a serious challenge in determining the separation date in the Stafford VA divorce.

Any crucial issue connected with your marriage termination will be easily dealt with by our experienced lawyers at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C. Approach our Stafford VA lawyers for guidance.

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